Therabath® Thermotherapy Paraffin Bath

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- Perfect for home, hospital or clinic. Use as an effective warm-up prior to therapeutic exercise, massage and daily activities. Helps increase range of motion. Deep, penetrating heat helps relieve arthritis pain, relax stiff muscles and ease aching joints.

- Provides intensive moisture therapy that nourishes dry skin.

- Oversize inner tank can hold nine lbs (4.1kg) of wax and measures 11-3/8" long x 6-3/4" wide x 5" (29x17x14.6 cm) deep. Accommodates hands, and allows for deep dipping of feet and elbows.

- Includes six lbs. (2.7kg) of triple-filtered FDA food-grade paraffin in a variety of scents. Additional wax is sold separately in six 1 lb. (.45kg) packages.

- Fully insulated. Worry-free control maintains temperature between 128° and 132°F (53° and 55°C) for maximum therapeutic effect.

- Hospital grade plug. Made in the USA.

- 110 Volt Unit
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